Cost of Waist Trainer in Nigeria +(Where to buy waist trainer in Port Harcourt)

Hi dear, I noticed you are looking for where to buy waist trainer in Port Harcourt and How much is waist trainer in Nigeria, so I decided to quickly share with how you can buy or get waist trainer delivered to your doorstep same day, anywhere, in Port Harcourt city.

So let’s get into this quickly.

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Where to Buy Waist Trainer in Port Harcourt?

If you are looking for waist trainer in Port Harcourt, you have 2 option.

You can either:

  • Buy from a physical store or
  • Order online and have it delivered to your doorpost.

Buying from a Physical store

To get a waist trainer from a store in Port Harcourt, simply check boutiques shops around Rumuola junction and Romuokwuta area by that A.P filling stations. Those are the places I have seen some stores selling wait for trainers. 

However, I can’t attest to the quality so make sure look at it very well because I no must of those shops don’t offer refund and exchange.

Buying online

If you decide to buy online then Shapeminow is where you can confidently buy quality waist trainer online and have it delivered the same day to your doorsteps as long as you ordered came in on time.

So you can order via our online store or via WhatsApp with this number (+2348147818188) or this chat link.

Where else does Shapeminow deliver to?

Shapeminow does not only deliver waist cinchers in Ph but we also nationwide to all 36 states in Nigeria.

And it takes 3 to 7 business days to have the waist trainer delivered to you if you stay outside of Port Harcourt.

Order via our online store or via WhatsApp with this number (+2348147818188) or this chat link.

How much is waist trainer in Nigeria? Tummy trimmer price in Nigeria

This is one of the common questions we get a lot. How much does waist trainer cost in Nigeria?

And my answer to this is that the price will be dependent on the type of waist trainer you want, the quality and the design of the waist trainer.

Due to the complexity of some design and how malt-purpose they are, they might be more expensive than regular designs.

Usually, tummy trimmer price in Nigeria would range from 3k to 18k, like I said depending on the quality, design, type or kind you are looking for.

For example, if your reseller bought a very lower quality waist at a very cheap, he or she can afford to sell it a very price and still make a lot of profit from it while you battle the discomfort it brings.

So it important you go for high-quality product irrespective of the price so you get to enjoy the comfort and durability it brings.

You can explore the different design designs available at Shapeminow store the quickly see each and every one of the individual prices.

Summary  on  How much is waist trainer in Nigeria and Where to buy waist trainer in Port Harcourt

So I have tried to give you the answer to the question where to buy waist trainer in Port Harcourt to best of my knowledge.

And I have also provided you with the answer to how much is waist trainer in Nigeria.

I how the post has helped you? Feel free to share this post if you find it helpful.